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3v3 Tournament - Spring 2017 Rules and Details

For this tournament, matches will be played in teams of 3 instead of as singles or doubles. This triples tournament will consist of 2 tiers and players will register as an individual. All players will be given a team and assigned to a tier based on their level in the club.

Registration is now open.

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Important Details
Date and Time Saturday, July 17th from 10:00am to 12:50pm
Location Columbia Ice Field (CIF) Gyms #1 and #2
Cost FREE for Spring 2017 UWBC members!
  • The winners of a match will be decided based on their accumulated points gained.
  • For Round Robin, two (2) games up to 21 points each will be played (win by 2, cap at 25). For Semi-Finals and Finals, the best of 3 games will be played (win by 2, cap at 25).
  • Each team will rotate their 3 players to a different position every 7 points they earn (rotations will occur at 7 and 14 points).
  • The 3 positions on court will include 1 front-court player and 2 back-court players. Front-court players will serve and can receive service. Back-court players may only receive serves if the opposing server flicks towards the back of the court.

  • ***Please note that breaking any of the above rules will result in a team penalty.

    This tournament is only open to S17 UWBC members and is FREE OF CHARGE!

    Registration will be closed on Thursday, June 15th at 12PM (noon).
Shuttle Type (provided) Yonex Mavis 350
You may also provide your own birds.
Prizes We will have winner prizes and draw prizes.

If you have any questions, our email is