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Frequently Asked Questions

How Session Works

At the beginning of every session, members will take their tag from the corkboard in the cabinet and pass it to an exec to put it on the board. At the beginning of session and every 12 mins until the end of session, an exec will call "COURT CHANGE!" and all members should check the board for their positions.

The board is divided into three main sections: the waiting area, the courts and the Must Go On area. The waiting area contains members who either just got off the courts or just arrived at session. The courts contain members who are arranged into games for the current round. The Must Go On area contains the tags of the members who will definitely go on next round.


1. Is this the badminton team? When are the try-outs?

The UW Badminton Club is different from the UW Varsity Badminton team. Our club is welcome to players of all levels from beginner to competitive and there are no try-outs.


2. How much do I pay for membership?

Membership is $20 per term.

3. What does the membership give me?

Our membership gives you access to all the UWBC badminton sessions for the term. During sessions, nets and birds are setup and you can borrow a racquet if you don't have one - just give us your WATcard. As a member of UWBC, you can also attend our member socials (where there is free food!) and be eligible to enter our prize draws. Members also receive discounts at our open tournaments and some of our affiliated local businesses like CourtsPlus (for all your badminton and stringing needs), Noon Moment and Sweet Dreams.

4. Can I get a membership in the middle of the term? Is it cheaper?

UWBC Membership is $20 for the term regardless of how far into the term has passed. It is recommended to get your membership in beginning so that you can make the most out of it. We also have a limited number of memberships per term and can't give memberships after we reach capacity.

5. Do you have multiple term discount membership?

Unfortunately, we do not offer multiple term discount membership.


6. What should I bring to session?

All members must wear proper indoor sports shoes and sports attire. Please note that no jeans allowed. If you remember your member ID then you don't have to bring your membership card to session. It is suggested to bring a change of clothes and shoes for after session. If you have a racquet, please bring your own because we have a limited number to lend out.

7. What if I don't have a racquet?

You may borrow a racquet from us by giving us your WATcard for the session but since we have a limited number it is suggested to bring your own.

8. Do I have to play at every session? I have night class on Wednesday. Can I come later?

UWBC is a drop-in badminton club so you may attend as many or as few sessions as you like and show up whenever throughout the session.

9. Can I play with my friends?

You may tag with up to 3 other friends if you would like to play with them. Just ask an exec at the board to attach your tags with paper clips.

10. I don't like playing singles. How do I prevent being assigned to a singles court?

You may ask an exec to mark "No Singles" or "NS" on your tag. Similarly, if you only like playing singles then an exec may mark "No Doubles" or "Singles Preferred" on your tag.


11. Can my mom, my brother or my friend from Laurier play if I'm a member?

Your friends and family may only play at UWBC members or guests if they are UW-affiliated with a valid WATcard or alumnus card.

12. How much do I pay if I play as guest?

You can also play as a guest if you wish for $5 per session. People who have already been a guest in the past for the current term may purchase a discounted membership for $15. Note that this cost does not change, even if you have been a guest multiple times.

Execs and Directors

13. What are execs and directors?

Execs are the first line of contact to UWBC members. Execs are present to facilitate session by setting up and taking down nets, sweeping the floors, monitoring the board, regulating the rules set by the club, and answering questions you have about session. Execs report to the board of directors.

Directors are responsible for the behind the scenes work including designing the member and exec socials, organizing tournaments, liaising with campus rec, maintaining the club website, managing club finances, and coordinating execs.

14. How do I become an exec?

At the beginning of every term we will send out information for exec applications on our FaceBook page. We will then contact selected execs for in person interviews. Currently, returning execs do not require an interview. Please refer to this link for detailed exec responsibilities.


15. How does the challenge system work?

Our club is open to players of all skill levels, from beginners to competitive. When joining our club, you will be in level 1. Note that levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 are achieved by challenge only. For detailed leveling information, read level information handout. Please refer to the challenge system handout for more information.