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Joining the Badminton Club


A member of the UWBC executive committee will primarily be responsible for starting up a session and cleaning up once it has come to an end. Starting a session involves setting up all the nets, sweeping the floor and bringing out the birdies. Cleaning up after a session is the exact opposite: collect all birdies and take down all the nets. Additionally, badminton execs are also responsible for picking up any garbage left behind by members and making sure the gym is clean before leaving.

Badminton execs are also required to regulate the rules set by the club and Campus Rec. If an exec witnesses a member of the club that is violating any of the rules (for example playing in jeans, wearing boots inside the gym, etc.) it is their duty to inform the member in question about the rules in place and ask them to stop their activity in a polite manner. Needless to say, all execs are required to follow the rules themselves.

Punctuality and diligence needs to be exercised by all execs, at all times. Execs on duty MUST be at the gym at least 15 minutes before the scheduled session in order to set up. An exec who is late for their scheduled duty once will receive a verbal warning, however a second or third offence may result in termination of the exec position and the inability to join as an exec again.

Execs on Duty

There will be three execs “on duty” at each session who must arrive 15-20 minutes before their assigned session. These three will make sure setup is completed before the start of the session and have an additional responsibility of setting up the board before each round. It is recommended that one “exec on duty” place themselves on the court and the other “execs on duty” off the courts for the current round. One of the execs off the court will be in charge of the challenge games for the time being, if there are any. This way, once a court change has been called, one of the other “execs on duty” will be able to set up the boards for the next round. This method also ensures that all “execs on duty” get a fair chance to play. It must be kept in mind that all "execs on duty" should rotate with each other, so that one person is not doing the boards or running the challenge games during most of the session.

Time Commitment

Execs are expected to:

  1. Open 4-6 sessions per term
  2. Attend one session per month that you aren't opening, or opening for someone else
  3. Attend tournament(s)
  4. Attend 2 out of x #s of other events
  5. Encouraged to attend Term Exec Social and End of Term Dinner/Lunch (unless specifically scheduled on a date that they are N/A)