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Joining the Badminton Club

Membership Perks.

By being a member, you have unlimited access to any of our drop-in sessions, as well as reduced tournament and event fees. Members also have priority in any of our club events.

Things you should know.


You can register during any of our sessions so long as our membership count is not full. The fee is $20 per term and is on a first-come first-serve basis. When you register, please have your WATcard and $20 CASH ready.


If you wish to borrow a racquet from us, have your WATcard ready and we'll swap you with a racquet. When you are finished playing, we will give you back your WATcard. Shuttlecocks & nets will be provided. If shuttlecocks are broken during a game, please bring back the old one to get a new one.

Game Request

Normally, you would be put with other peers amongst your level for each rotation. If you ever want to play with your friends for one game, please request the game to the exec on duty. If you want to only play with your friends that session, please ask for a paper clip to fasten the tags together for the night.


Please put your tags away at the end of a session, all tags left on the board will be put into the bad members' tube, and you will have to go through the pain of searching for your tag next session.


Members are allowed to bring guests to sessions provided that space(s) are available that session. A space is considered avaliable if a half an hour after session has begun and there are less than two full rotations of people participating that session. The guest fee is $5 CASH, and it can be used for a discounted membership ($15).